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New updates!

Read for full details, schedule, & links!

We will no longer be uploading content at random on social media and some things will be exclusive to patrons from here on out, such as works in progress and just any sneak peaks or hints (written or artwork) as to what's coming.  This includes Artwork, Merch, and anything else.  It's just become a bit too overwhelming this past year with trying to keep up with everything on so many different social media accounts and we needed to figure out how to just manage our business better.

  • Monday:  Art Dump for any and all new illustrations, including any public ready Commissions.  1-4 new pieces a week is our goal.  These posts will be available anywhere on Social Media and Ko-Fi Gallery.  They will never be put forever behind a pay wall.  

  • Wednesday: All updates to our shops, such as Ko-fi, Etsy, or INPRNT (for physical prints), as well as any posting of patron only downloadable content, such as digital prints & coloring pages (which will also be made available in our shops but for purchase).

  • Thursday & Friday: Any Commission Work will be worked on and limited to these days! We will no longer be working on them all week long.

If a Holiday falls on these two days, Commission work will resume the following Thursday.

  • Saturday and Sunday: N/A (though we may upload occasional updates on Patreon).

  • Holidays: N/A

Any content and updates shared outside of all this will be exclusive to Patreon and Ko-Fi members.  This includes but is not limited to works in progress (WIP), merch design and development, any other form of behind the scenes, and also any completed artwork that'll be shared publicly in the upcoming week's public Art Dump.  These patron and Ko-Fi exclusive updates maybe shared anytime during the week, including on weekends.

Content is not guaranteed each day.


NOTE: We may have times we break away from this schedule due to life or workload, but we will return to it as soon as possible.

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